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Breaking News: President Foiritan to Resign, Call for New Elections in November

2009-08-15 - Publié par Svarthol

Ladistier - SCOPE News has learned that Souro Foiritan, president of the Gallente Federation for the past six years, has tendered his resignation to the Senate. He is expected to address the nation later today, during which time he is expected to announce new elections to take place in November.

His resignation comes during a tumultuous period for the nation. Yesterday, the senate voted in favor of moving forward with wartime impeachment hearings, the first for a president in decades. A rapid succession of national misfortunes -- the loss of Federation systems to Caldari militias, Heth's brazen auction of these systems as spoils of war, and Foiritan's decision to nationalize the arms manufacturers in response -- proved to be too much adversity for the administration to overcome.

Once considered the most popular president in Federation history, Foiritan has fallen dramatically from political stardom. His descent is generally regarded to have been marked by two key betrayals: that of Admiral Alexander Noir, whose singular act of terrorism helped spark the Empyrean War, and Grand Admiral Advent Eturrer, who was convicted of selling vital military secrets to the Caldari.

"That both betrayals came from within the Federation Navy seems fitting for the issues facing the nation today," said Vercoure Dilloux, professor of political science at the University of Caille. "The legacy of President Foiritan, despite his administration's grand accomplishments in economics, culture, and technology, will likely be shaped by the decline of its armed forces and his failure to enlist capsuleers more directly in the defense of the nation."

The Scope will cover the presidential address later today.