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Capital Engagement in Omam Nears Record Losses

2009-08-06 - Publié par Svarthol

OMAM, KADOR - A Tuesday morning siege of a Cry Havoc [C H] dysprosium moon by the Northern Coalition ended in a near record breaking capital ship engagement. Pandemic Legion [-10.0] hotdropped the operation with the assistance of a large support contingent from Cry Havoc and allied pirate elements.

The battle began just after midnight and lasted until approximately 04:00. In the end, it is believed that one hundred and thirteen capital class vessels met their demise - falling just eleven ships short of what is believed to be the single battle record of one hundred and twenty-four.

According to a detailed analysis by Shadoo, Pandemic Legion and allies suffered sixty-four capital losses to the NC’s forty-nine losses. Additionally, the Cry Havoc starbase was successfully demolished and the NC held the field after Pandemic Legion ran out of capital fleets within a reasonable distance of Omam.


After providing Pandemic Legion with a large amount of intel on the NC fleet, Cry Havoc was told to open a cyno at sniping range of the NC capital fleet. The capital ship numbers were stacked in the NC’s favor with around one hundred and ten NC capitals (including thirty or so carriers) to Pandemic Legion’s fifty-five dreadnoughts.

The support fleet numbers were much the opposite. The Cry Havoc, Advocated Destruction, Huzzah Federation, Laconian Syndicate, Honour Bound, Beyond Divinity Inc, and Eternal Rapture combined support fleet greatly outnumbered that of the NC (4 to 1 according to Shadoo) and successfully tackled the NC capital fleet in coordination with Pandemic Legion's cyno entry.

Over five hundred pilots were reported in local at this time.

At 00:55 the NC acquired a warp-in on the Pandemic Legion sniping fleet and the battle rapidly turned in the NC’s favor. For the most part, the capital engagement concluded around 02:00 with Pandemic Legion losing its fleet and the NC losing approximately twenty-five capitals.


Pandemic Legion again cyno'ed dreadnoughts onto the field along with Cry Havoc capitals and one Huzzah Federation dreadnought as the NC dreadnoughts finished their last siege cycle on the Cry Havoc station. Eventually the NC capital fleet was forced to jump out for more fuel. For a brief period Pandemic Legion and Cry Havoc had the upper hand, but they were again outnumbered as the NC fleet returned.

"We've now lost 2 waves of PL dreads and… run out of fleets in range unfortunately -- fight's over," announced Shadoo over GalNet at 04:02


The large support fleet advantage certainly worked in Pandemic Legion’s favor, but in the end, the gap in capital ship numbers proved to be too high an obstacle to overcome.

"… with [the] NC continuing to pump guys into [the] system, we just weren't ever going to catch up on numbers," explained Mistress Suffering of Cry Havoc.

The NC is already enjoying the spoils of their victory with the deployment of their own station on the dysprosium moon, but the pirate forces may actually have secured a small, underhanded victory of their own given the fact that the battle occurred in CONCORD designated low security space.

Large security ratings drops have been reported by quite a few NC pilots on GalNet making travel in empire space just a bit more difficult for the coalition. "One RZR guy went from 8.0 to -6.0," reported Fred0 of Razor.

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