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CEP Offers Assistance to Assassination Investigation

2008-04-03 - Publié par Svarthol

New Caldari - Chief Executive Panel spokeswoman Koiken Okoneda held a press conference today at the CEP's headquarters in orbit around New Caldari Prime to discuss the State's response to the recent attempted assassination of Amarr Court Chamberlain Dochuta Karsoth. Speaking to the Panel's press pool after an emergency session of the CEP, she said "Chairman Kossinen spoke with the Chamberlain this evening and expressed the CEP's sincere relief that the plot was foiled and that stability has been maintained within the Empire. The chairman assured Chamberlain Karsoth that Caldari security forces would assist with the investigation into the assassination plot if requested. The customs authority and the Navy have been instructed to ensure that anyone wanted for questioning by Amarr authorities in this matter is apprehended if they attempt to enter the State."

Word of the attempt on the life of the Chamberlain has been a hot topic in the boardrooms of the Caldari megacorporations. With the worsening Caldari economy, the threat of instability in their largest foreign market sent a momentary shudder through the Kimotoro stock exchange. The Lai Dai Corporation and CBD Corporation suffered the worst drops due to their larger involvement in the Amarr market, though they both managed to recover most of their losses in short order.

With an event of such importance, the debate in the halls of the CEP was heated, with the specifics of the Caldari response still in some doubt. A minority of representatives, led by those from the aforementioned CBD Corporation with some support from allies Sukuuvestaa and Nugoeihuvi, propose allowing Amarr law enforcement to operate in the State with similar powers to Tribunal operatives in pursuing this matter. According to sources close to the Panel, however, this has been fiercely opposed by most of the other corporations. An aide who spoke on the condition of anonymity said that at one point the Ishukone representative accused CBD of “selling out State interests to secure their own bottom line,” at which point the Nugoeihuvi representative shot back that “protecting relations with the Amarr is a considerably more laudable goal than cozying up to parasites and primitives,” a jab at Ishukone's recent moves in the Federation and Republic markets. An argument over the merits of Caldari trade policies quickly ensued, sidetracking the discussion for nearly two hours before Chairman Kossinen called for a short recess.

Conspicuously quiet during the debate, however, was the Lai Dai delegation. Traditionally, the corporation has been closely allied with Kaalakiota and Wiyrkomi, who have sided with free-trade advocates Ishukone and Hyasyoda in this particular debate. Insiders say that the company's usual nationalist, protectionist stance has been tempered by their interests in the Empire market. “They're in a very delicate position right now,” according to Kiimme Ukko, a political consultant with the Mercantile Club. “Lai Dai can't afford to alienate its allies in the Patriot bloc of corporations, but in this case they are probably closer to CBD's position rather than those of their usual partners. Until this incident, their Amarr holdings have been a bulwark against the downturn in the Caldari markets, and it seems unlikely that they would want to sacrifice their position there. By remaining silent, they can stay above the fray and placate both their allies in the CEP and their Amarr partners.” A number of fund managers have also suggested that this may mean that Lai Dai is planning to expand its Amarr operations in the near future.

As of yet, Amarr authorities have not indicated that they believe elements of the renegade justices' network are in Caldari space or have any plans to infiltrate the State, making the question somewhat moot at this point. Panel representatives are expected to table the measure at least for the time being, with fiscal matters associated with the beginning of the second quarter expected to dominate their schedule for the near future.