Community Beat for 29 July | EVE Online

Community Beat for 29 July

2022-07-29 - Publié par EVE Online Community Team

Hello spacefriends and welcome to the latest Community Beat! Let's goooooo!

Battle of the Bricks Winners

We’re happy to announce the winners of the recent Battle of the Bricks building contest! The community submitted dozens of incredible entries and after much deliberation we arrived at the following victors:

First Place: Primae submitted by Pierre E.

Second Place: Claw submitted by Imiarr Timshae

Third Place: Rorqual submitted by Kaatra Andarin

Each of the winners will receive one year Omega and a complimentary ticket for Fanfest 2023 including charity dinner. From the winners, Pierre E's Primae was selected for construction during Battle of the Bricks. It was assembed by Cloud Imperium Games Community Manager Jake Bradley, and considering he had to make to with the bricks he had we think he did pretty well!

Thank you to everyone who submitted designs!

Battle of the Bricks Finale Livestream

Last week members of the CCP community team traveled to sunny Manchester to take part in the Battle of the Bricks charity build-off livestream with our counterparts from Star Citizen. During the 4 hour stream we built some cool spaceships (based off community submissions!), took part in some occasionally uncomfortable challenges thanks to the Wheel of Misfortune™ but most importantly, thanks to the generous donations from both EVE and Star Citizen communities we raised over US$20,000 for Extra Life which helps sick kids with life saving medical support and rehabilitation.

The fundraising campaign will remain open until the end of the year and there may be other streams either from CCP, Star Citizen or our respective communities to contribute further to the charity haul. You can even make a donation right now!

If you want to rewatch the whole stream you can find the recording here, or if you want the short version here’s the wrap up where we all drank an utterly disgusting delightful smoothie made from ingredients selected by Twitch chat which included marinated herring, Lump Fish caviar, pickled onions and mayonnaise. 😕 Warning: gross noises and people gagging.

(Play it back in 0.25x speed for a uniquely disturbing auditory experience!)

Player Meetups in August

EVE player meetups are getting back into full swing with a few happening throughout August. If one of these are taking place close to you and you can get along then good times are guaranteed! Some of these events will also feature attendance by CCP devs so come and say hi!

The Discourse

With things heating up between the Empires in low security space and mysterious discoveries related to abandoned facilities, The Discourse have been producing some excellent reports which dive into the goings on and try to shed some light on the situation.

Amarr Foundation Day

Amarr Foundation Day is just around the corner! This annual event where spacecrusade enjoyers from all over New Eden commemorate the foundation of the first Amarrian church on what is known today as Amarr Prime.

The Amarrian RP community also organise several events to celebrate this occasion, including parades, parties and contests. Check out this thread on the EVE Online forums to see what's happening this year.

Vibing Vedmak PvP

Who doesn’t love a classic EVE PvP compilation? I think a great way to round ut this Community Beat is with this awesome video from Grunt Kado. The third battle which is a (kinda) 2v1 where Grunt dual boxes his own logi is just 😙👌