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2005-10-23 - Publié par Svarthol

Some startling figures, recently brought to light, show us the severity of the conflict following CONCORD's decision to open the Alliance Registry. There are currently over 12,000 pod pilots claiming membership in the various alliances that have formed since the registry was opened. The major alliances currently in operation are as follows:

[5] Alliance, Ascendant Frontier, Band of Brothers, Firmus Ixion, Forsaken Empire, G-Alliance, Imperial Republic of the North, Imperium, NBSI Alliance, Phoenix Alliance, Stain Alliance, Stain Empire and Veritas Immortalis. Of course there are many other, smaller alliances in operation but these are the big players today.

Of those larger alliances I have contacted, only Imperium are currently operating in a state of relative harmony. The most shocking aspect is that these wars are not limited to the uncivilised space these factions control, but spill over into the CONCORD policed systems of central space. CONCORD ensure that there are no innocent casualties during these skirmishes but they cannot stop innocent traders, explorers and families from witnessing the sometimes horrific battles. When a crewman can look out his starship window and see a man killing another man, unpunished, the question must be asked: Are there any values left in our society at all?

Currently, Ascendant Frontier are warring with both G-Alliance and the Imperial Republic of the North. The Phoenix Alliance, Forsaken Empire and NBSI Alliance are fighting the forces of [5], Veritas Immortalis and Stain Alliance. According to a recent press release, Band of Brothers are at war with everyone! So, citizens of Eve, be you brave Minmatar, powerful Amarr, driven Caldari or daring Gallente, I hope you can still find beauty in a world so filled with hatred and violence.