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Conflicting reports come in regarding Theology Council disappearances

2008-03-27 - Publié par Svarthol

Avair - Following the sudden disappearance of several members of the Theology Council yesterday, numerous reports - many of them conflicting - are flooding the Theology Council claiming to give information on their whereabouts and details surrounding the circumstances of their disappearances.

"The accounts are confusing and conflicting," said Lord Gallius Eliade, a family member of one of the missing. "It is difficult to sort through what might be reality and what is just someone trying to mislead us."

Many of the reports have focused on the Sakht border system, which was mentioned in the original report as having a sudden increase in military activity. "On Monday, I saw three Blood Raider ships decloak right before heading through a gate into Sakht!" said Elardo Atta, a Ni-Kunni trader. "I've never seen them do anything like that before. I bet they had something to do with this!"

"It couldn't have been Blood Raiders," said Nazir Lat, an Udorian official who oversees a station in the area. "They almost never go through the normal stargates. But we did see an unusually high number of pod pilots travelling through the system recently. Maybe there's something one of the deep space alliances knows that we don't."

Others have focused on the justices rather than the locations mentioned in the original report. "I swear, I saw Falek Grange on a beach on Intaki Prime!" claimed a Brosius Jete, a Gallente official who had been vacationing on the planet. "I bet they just dipped out for a break. I mean, I know I would if I had to listen to a bunch of religious dribble for days on end."

More credible reports have placed sightings of the justices anywhere from Sahtogas, to Ami, even to stations in the Providence region.

Despite the wide number of reports revealing information on where the justices supposedly are now, very few have stepped forward with information about the men's actions before they vanished. Station security in Avair reported them departing a Theology Council meeting, but from there, little is known.

"I saw Lord Gord heading back to his quarters after the meeting," said Halla Sen, a station resident. "He looked somewhat agitated. But he looks like that a lot, so I didn't think much of it."

Other reports from prior to their disappearance are similarly vague and non-committal. Whether this is because there is little actual information or if officials are asking witnesses to keep their information quiet until the investigation has concluded is not yet known.

The families of the missing justices continue to offer a 5 million ISK reward for information leading to their direct recovery. The report from the Court Chamberlain on the matter is being eagerly anticipated by all involved.