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Consortium. Alliance Coup Used to Evacuate Assets

2010-04-05 - Publié par Svarthol

5C-RPA, Insmother - Following the recent loss of a Consortium. alliance freighter containing a Minmatar Service Outpost Platform, details have emerged of an internal conflict between founding corporations and other members of the alliance.

Previously, current Consortium. Alliance leader Shmak DatAsh claimed that his fellow alliance leader attempted to seize control of the alliance after the loss. “[R0ck Muncher] saw this as an opportunity to take over and attempted to, but failed... I considered R0ck Muncher a good friend of mine and everyone in his corp, [but] being backstabbed by him and his corp hurt.”

Following these allegations, R0ck Muncher, a founding member of the alliance, commented on the supposed "coup". He said he started a vote to become CEO of the holding corporation, effectively giving him command of the alliance, which may have sparked the rumour. This gave his corporation 24 hours to remove all of their assets from the area in relative safety from the remaining alliance members.

bugs 11, an ex member of Consortium. confirmed that R0ck Muncher had not attempted to take over the alliance but was trying to protect his members. bugs 11 said he felt Consortium. was disintegrating and did not believe matters would improve.

R0ck Muncher also had doubts about the alliance’s future “...[The alliance] will cascade.... I hope in a way it does not and would like to see it succeed... but unless [Shmak DatAsh] drops command it will fail.”

“They are around 450 members I think and about to lose another 100 by the weekend because of [Shmak DatAsh’s] attitude,” R0ck Muncher stated.

Meanwhile, Shmak DatAsh says he is rebuilding the alliance. “We're currently working on recruiting a 360-man alliance, and three 100ish-man corps... We're halfway to our goal of a new [station].”

Shmak DatAsh also confirmed Consortium. would be working alongside Atlas in future, but said that he wants the alliance back to the strength it had before it split over the Outpost Platform loss, before the new partnership goes ahead.

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