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Coronation date officially confirmed by Court Chamberlain

2008-09-23 - Publié par Svarthol

Hedion - Jamyl Sarum will be coronated Empress Jamyl I in three days' time, Chamberlain Hemirin confirmed today. It has been known for several weeks that the coronation would take place imminently, but the precise date has been kept secret.

At a packed press conference this evening, Hemirin cited "unresolved security issues" as the reason for keeping the coronation date from the press for so long. Hemirin asserted also that although attendance at the coronation event itself was strictly by invitation, anyone wishing to join in the planned post-coronation festivities had "more than enough time" to travel to the Amarr system and that additional transport capacity had been made available to cope with expected demand.

While Chamberlain Hemirin's message has been one of measured control, inside sources on Mekhios claim that negotiations covering protocol, attendance, and scheduling have repeatedly failed to reach consensus. A spokesman for the Chamberlain's office has denied any political concerns, calling such claims "scurrilous falsehoods."

It seems clear that Friday will be a turning point in Amarr’s recent history. The coronation speech will be Jamyl's first formal address to her new empire, and analysts agree that she is unlikely to waste the opportunity to make a dramatic first turn.