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Corporation Thief Caught and Executed

2011-02-23 - Publié par Svarthol

Hayumtom, Domain - Amarrian low-security based corporation Quantum Horizons [.ANZ.] has identified a thieving corporation member and executed him in his own 2 billion ISK Machariel.

The saga began when .ANZ. anchored a new control tower in a low-security system. Soon after, ships began disappearing from the Ship Maintenance Array including "a Rook, a Dominix, 2 Scorpions, a Drake, a Noctis and several smaller tech 2 frigates” according to CEO SuicidalPancake.

SuicidalPancake explained that after two weeks, a trap was set using a Scorpion class battleship as bait. The theft of the Scorpion battleship was recorded at approximately 22:34 on 8th of Feb.

The thief, identified as Bobby Byrde, was known to live an extravagant life. As SuicidalPancake tells us, "Bobby was often seen flying highly expensive ships such as Machariels, Vindicators and Fleet Issue Tyhpoons, many fitted with faction and officer modules. It was well known within Quantum Horizons that Bobby's favourite ship was the Machariel, he often used it for hunting in low-sec."

With that knowledge in mind, a plan of punishment was drafted and a small low-sec roaming fleet was formed. Bobby "was convinced that he should bring his Machariel, because it would be the scariest ship in the fleet", said SuicidalPancake.

He explains how Bobby was taken care of: "Instead of warping the fleet to the gate, I warped the fleet to a planet in the same direction as the gate. As the fleet dropped out of warp, Bobby's Machariel was targeted and destroyed."

In a press statement released shortly after the event, SuicidalPancake stated: "Thieves are not tolerated within Quantum Horizons corp. Bobby has paid heavily for his crimes, but his loss should serve as an example to all thieves across New Eden; you WILL get caught."

Bobby Byrde was unavailable for comment regarding the event.

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