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Corrupt Concord official terminated by the forces of those he betrayed.

2005-04-10 - Publié par Svarthol

Concord was shamed last night when it emerged that one of their up and coming officers was illegally supplying the Guristas pirates with highly classified information. The officer, Juul Anttus met his downfall, ironically when one of the people he betrayed decided to do some private detective work.

Hyota Vasy, a sub-nanite communication engineer first became a target for the Guristas when, during one of his many research experiments in deep space he stumbled upon a top secret communiqué, detailing the Guristas operations in that sector in great deal. He passed this information onto Concord and was promptly put into the witness protection scheme, pending immediate action against the pirate operations.

Almost miraculously however, two months ago Guristas agents managed to track him down and he was almost killed were it not for the quick thinking of Concord officials and the brave actions of many pilots in the area who destroyed the assassins.

There was always the question of how his cover was blown though, so Hyota did his own research into how he was located. Yesterday, he thought he had found the reason.

Hyota hired many mercenary pilots for his covert spying mission. Included were, Crono Trigger, David Goodwill, Doc Brown, Helpdesk, Kale Ryoko, Klaus Fleischer, Nick Parker, Seto Mazzarotto, Silver Ghost, Sylvia Saint, Telim Tor, Toymaster and Yuki Li. They followed him closely but discreetly all the way from Aunenen to Karjartaimon, where Hyotas suspicions were confirmed. Officer Anttus was meeting with 5 Guristas representatives, comprising of a crow, two scorpions and two of the amazingly rare, but exceedingly deadly rattlesnake battleships.

The enraged Hyota Vasy transmitted the evidence he had gathered to the Concord officials in the system and they immediately declared Juul Anttus a criminal, giving the mercenaries permission to seek and destroy his caracal.

It didn’t take long for the Guristas entourage to notice that they were in grave danger. After a small game of cat and mouse around Karjartaimon, a fierce battle broke out at the gate to Nannaras. From there it was only a matter of less than 10 minutes before all of the pirates and the concord vessel were destroyed, with several of the pods being destroyed as well.

The mercenaries only took minor losses whilst the destruction of two rattlesnake battleships, thought to be the first of their kind to go down in battle, will be hurting the Guristas for years to come. Concord officials took the opportunity to once again praise the charitable nature and devotion to law that todays breed of pilots exhibit, also calling them a credit to their kind.