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CSM candidate applications breakdown.

2008-04-18 - Publié par CCP Xhagen

These are interesting times we live in. Setting up a democratic structure in EVE has not been the easiest process we have undertaken, but we truly feel it is well worth the effort because of the interest you have shown in the project.

Now, this blog is to tell you a thing or two about the statistics of the applications received and the approved applicants, now lovingly referred to as candidates.*

But on to the statistics.

  • We received 97 applications.

  • We accepted 64.

  • We rejected 33.

    Rejection reasons:

    • A scan of the passport was not supplied and either a personal photo was supplied instead, an expired passport or another type of identification that was not a passport.
    • EULA violation by the applicants.
    • Two applicants requested to be withdrawn and thus they count as being rejected.
    • Two applications were sent in by CCP for testing purposes when the service was reported as being down and they are included in these counts.
    • One applicant managed to apply twice due to some technical glitch we were unable to reproduce, one of those applications was rejected.

    This brings down the actually rejected applications to 28.

  • 3 females applied and 61 males, making the female applicants 4,687% of the total pool. This corresponds very neatly with the overall player ratio, where the female population is 4,46% of the whole (according to user account information).

  • 51,5% of the accepted applicants have more than one account, making the ratio more than double of what goes for the entire EVE player base.

The list of applicants will be published soon and will be viewable from this section.

We wish everybody the best of luck in the upcoming elections which will be open between the 5th of May and 19th of May 2008.

  • I would like to refer to them as being between a rock (players) and a hard place (CCP), or the other way around.

Information on the CSM:

CSM pdf
CSM Summary pdf