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Customer Support Update: Mass Replies Dispatched

2006-07-11 - Publié par CCP Arkanon

Hello everyone.

I would like to alert all players with outstanding petitions to the fact that we have now sent an automated reply to all petitions in our queue. This is being done for the following reasons:

1. At this point, we are completely overrun and unable to get the situation under control by normal procedures. There are various issues that have contributed to this situation, but the end result is, sadly, this.

2. Mass replying will have the positive effect of weeding out issues that have been resolved, multiple instances of the same petitions, spam and the like.

We ask all those who receive this reply to update their petitions only if the case is still valid and needs urgent attention. At the same time, we urge all players to refrain from filing multiple petitions, as that will only slow down our response times even further.

We're very sorry to have to take this action, but something has to be done to resolve the situation. We hope we can count on your understanding and patience, as we have before.

All the best, GM Arkanon