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Defiant Duel in the Proving Grounds!

2022-07-14 - Publié par EVE Online Team

Unbreakable Capsuleers,

Demonstrate your spirit during this year’s Liberation Day celebrations with a special Proving Grounds event, going head-to-head against one opponent in ferocious combat aboard iconic Minmatar cruisers as you burn fast and bright in a furious arena!

This event begins at 11:00 UTC on 15 July, and runs until 11:00 UTC on 18 July.

The ruleset for the event is as follows:

  • Only the Stabber, Rupture, and Bellicose cruisers may enter
  • A large Tachyon Cloud with a 40km radius will be located at the center of the arena, increasing velocity by 300% and decreasing inertia by 50% while within
  • Bonuses from overheating Tackle, Propulsion, Repair, Resistance, and Energy Warfare modules, as well as all Turrets and Launchers are doubled
  • Shield Rechargers/Power Relays/Flux Coils/Boost Amplifiers, Core Defense Field Purger rigs, Sensor Dampeners, and Weapon Disruptors cannot be fitted
  • A maximum of one local shield or armor repair module is permitted per ship
  • All fittings and implants are restricted to meta level 5 or lower

Ready your guns and prepare your Proving Grounds filaments – found in Abyssal Deadspace caches, wrecks in Pochven, or on the in-game market – and give everything you’ve got as you fight your way onto the Proving Ground leaderboard, showing your strength and earning special rewards!