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Eborimi Shiskala Tapped To Lead Ishukone Watch

2009-05-13 - Publié par Svarthol

Malkalen – Following the appointment of Mens Reppola as Ishukone CEO, he has tapped Eborimi Shiskala to succeed him as Ishukone Watch CEO. Formerly the Watch's chief operating officer, Shiskala is another Navy veteran and a close friend of Reppola's, which has led most analysts to conclude that the Watch is not likely to make any major policy shifts under its new CEO.

Under Otro Gariushi, the Watch was used quite often as a tool to advance his agenda, both domestically and abroad,” says Arjus Sezinada, a senior corporate policy analyst with the Aramaki Institute. “The relationship between Reppola and the Watch is an even closer one, and I think we can expect to see him continuing in the same vein.”

According to some within Ishukone Watch, the biggest concern with Shiskala's promotion is whether or not Reppola will be able to relinquish his direct control to the new CEO. “He was always a very hands-on executive,” said one senior Watch officer who asked not to be named. “While that has its advantages, if he can't let the Watch operate on its own, there's a lot of people who are going to get frustrated with the suits back in corporate.”