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Einherjar Alliance Disbands

2010-10-27 - Publié par Svarthol

Cistuvaert, Verge Vendor. Einherjar Alliance [THOR-] has closed its doors following the mutual withdrawal of the two remaining executive corporations: TalCorp Enterprises [LTCE] and Forging Industries [FORG].

Einherjar had previously been active in Tash-Murkon and Domain in Empire space and Providence and Great Wildlands in null sec. Operating a strictly Not Red Don't Shoot policy (NRDS), the alliance had engaged in general anti-pirate operations including support of Curatores Veritatis [CVA] activities within Providence region.

TalCorp Enterprises CEO, Lord Talamar, explained: "The two [remaining] founding corps of Einherjar had different ideas in the end in terms of how to run things in the alliance, so we decided to go our separate ways. Forg has already started their new alliance (Silent Infinity) and we will be starting ours within the next two weeks."

A dispute over ship replacement seems to have been a bone of contention. Lord Talamar told us: "Forg is a self described capitalist corporation whose goal is to make a profit through ship building. There was disagreement over the formalized Einherjar navy which was run mainly by TalCorp fleet commanders. Basically, many Forg members didn't seem to like the idea of a formalized navy for military activities and several were against the idea of a ship replacement program in support of that."

Reports of a rift between the two principal corporations, however, were downplayed by Forging Industries CEO Tasha Diabolique: "Lord Talamar and I had mutually agreed that we were due for a change. I did veto a Senate bill of his months ago - it was irrelevant to the decision to split however."

"My interests became so intermingled with CVA over the years that the natural thing for us to do has always been to support them and simply use their Kill On Sight (KOS) as our own, but this would have presented logistical problems for protecting [LTCE] assets for the future."

Ms. Diabolique made it clear that her corporation and new alliance Silent Infinity [AFK] intend to directly support CVA in Providence: "I intend to live in Sukanan and aid the CVA fleets and other NRDS allies in Providence long term and Talamar made it clear that he wanted no part of Sukanan."

However she was keen to stress that there would be no lasting animosity on her part: "I am not upset with Talamar and he and I will probably return to being very good friends when the dust settles. LT (Lord Talamar) and I have always been very very close.. "

A sentiment echoed by Lord Talamar: "Once our new alliance is formed, I plan on contacting CVA to see if they would like mutual blue standings with us."

"Forg and TalCorp have gone back a long way together and we in TalCorp wish them all the best in whatever direction they decide to go."

Following the announcement, CVA spokesman Equinox Daedalus issued the following statement: "We welcome all who promise to promote the peaceful ways of the Amarrian Empire; as we believe them to be. Following a NRDS policy and helping others, any and all who choose that noble path, are welcome to have our aid."

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