EON and EVE TV - Next Live Dev Blog on Thursday 21 June at 20.00 GMT | EVE Online

EON and EVE TV - Next Live Dev Blog on Thursday 21 June at 20.00 GMT

2007-06-14 - Publié par Svarthol

Time has come for yet another edition of our Live Dev Blogs, which will be the 4th Live Dev Blog. We will let Xyliana from EVE TV and Zapatero from EON amuse you for an full hour. So why do EVE TV and EON in the same blog? Well, they both work for our business partner MMM Publishing so we thought we'd combine the two topics since they're very close to each other anyway.

As usual we will take about 15 minutes for our hosts to introduce themselves and what it is they do. Then we'll let them answer your questions for about 30 minutes and end with having them answer follow up questions for the last 15 minutes.

To participate you'll need to have EVE Voice active and join the in game channel Live Dev Blog to listen in. You can use this thread to post questions prior to the event. The in game channel will be muted at first but it will be unmuted so you can write your follow up questions while the forum questions get answered.

To discuss this event please post in this thread, but remember to post your questions here instead since we will not pull questions posted in the discussion thread to get answered.