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EON too much for words.

2005-09-15 - Publié par CCP Hellmar

Hi, I am just back from London where I among other things visited the guys making the EON Magazine. It must be said that Zapatero and his gang have created something far beyond what any one could have imagined. I got the same feeling browsing through EON as when I first saw the new EVE Trailer (later today you should know the feeling :-))
[Edit]here it is

Now the catch is that the magazine goes to print next Thursday (22. September). Due to the economics of printing such high quality material (in relatively low volumes), this will be the only print run of the first issue.

So I thought I'd warn everyone that if you want one then you need to pre-order your copy before next Thursday. I realize that the price is high without having something in hand to fully realize the quality but if there is anything I can vouch for in this world then it's the fact that no one will regret having invested in this piece of (EVE) world history.

Note this might really be an investment opportunity, I predict the mag being hot property in after market in a year or so, as this is the first exclusive Virtual World magazine ever published in this caliber, yet another first for EVE Online....