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EVE Fanfest 2023 – Celebrate 20 Years!

2022-11-17 - Publié par EVE Online Team

Immortal capsuleers,

EVE Fanfest is returning to Reykjavik, Iceland on 21-23 September 2023, celebrating 20 years of EVE Online on its journey to forever, and tickets are available right now!

We are thrilled to welcome you back to the Laugardalshöll Arena where you can join your fellow capsuleers for the unmissable festivities in the land of fire and ice. Highlights as always include a first look at what’s coming up in EVE Online with the EVE keynote, developer and player presentations, panels, plus the parties, and more. Fanfest is a special occasion where players from all over the world descend on Reykjavik, and this year we are going big by doubling the size of the event area at Laugardalshöll, creating additional room for space friends and enemies to meet, hang out, and socialize.

Destined to be the biggest celebration of EVE Online yet, Fanfest returns to a 3-day format for 2023. There will be Fanfest-related gatherings and extra events happening throughout the week of the event in and around Reykjavik. These include the classic Golden Circle tour with devs, Sisters of EVE (for your non-player friend or significant other) full day trip, Pub Crawl - with the return of the popular food tour alternative (sold out in 2022), infamous Party at the Top of the World, and more events to be announced in the coming weeks.

Early-bird tickets for Fanfest 2023 are available here starting at $159 USD until sold out, and these go fast so you need to act fast! After that, standard tickets will be available for $295 USD. This will be the first Fanfest to take place in September, which makes it an excellent time to see and experience the Northern Lights in Reykjavik.

Commemorating EVE Fanfest’s return to Reykjavik in 2022, CCP Games partnered with The Escapist to give fans an inside look at putting together EVE Online’s most significant celebration and its impact on the community. Filmed throughout EVE Fanfest 2022, this documentary pulls back the curtain on EVE Fanfest and how players use the event to forge alliances or reconnect with fellow pilots from around the globe. Eager fans can check out the trailer here and catch the full documentary when it releases next year.

EVE Online will live forever, but it will only turn twenty once. This will be a Fanfest not to be missed.