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Eve TV & Fanfest

2008-10-28 - Publié par CCP Loxy

Now, this is a story all about how...

So to start this off maybe a quick introduction is in order, I'm Charlie the newest face in the CCP Marketing team, working as a video producer and having the fantastic role of managing EVE TV's events. While EVE TV may be changing a bit in the future, its ideals are still based on "something made by EVE players, for EVE players." I can safely speak for myself and others who have moved from EVE TV to CCP that we'll continue to put all our efforts, and our free time, into bringing you more events in the future.

Fanfest 2008

So next up on the EVE TV schedule is Fanfest 2008, held every year on top of the world in Reykjavik. The Fanfest is always a massive hit with those that can attend, meeting the developers of EVE, other players, their corp mates and getting the first viewing of what will be coming to EVE over the next year.

But understandably not everyone can make the trip to Iceland, which is where we step in. EVE TV this year will again be filming nonstop for all three days to bring you;

· Every main lecture - over 15 lectures covering every topic you could think of.

· Keynote speechs from Oveur and Hellmar.

· The Producer's Panel Q&A.

· Roxor & The Party on Top of the World.

· The Fanfest PvP Tournament including "EVE TV Live on stage".

· Many many interviews with players and CCP staff.

· Everything else we see until we run out of tape!

Once we have recovered from all of that every video will be made available for download within a week or two after the Fanfest.

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