EVE Vegas 2017 Is Coming – First Speakers Announced! | EVE Online

EVE Vegas 2017 Is Coming – First Speakers Announced!

2017-08-31 - Publié par CCP Falcon

It’s almost that time of the year again, and EVE Vegas 2017 is just a few weeks away.

We’re currently working on finalizing the schedule here at CCP Iceland, and we’ll be publishing it within the next couple of weeks.

Today, we’re happy to announce a few of our developer and player speakers who’ll be coming out to talk to you guys about what’s coming up for EVE Online.

This year, we’ll have some Vegas veterans, as well as a few CCP Newbros that you’ll have to assist us in taking care of. Returning to Vegas this year will be CCP Falcon, CCP Guard, CCP Rise and CCP Fozzie, as well as CCP Punkturis, CCP Affinity and CCP Manifest.

Vegas Newbros include CCP Nagual, CCP Sharq, CCP Vertex and CCP Redcape from our spacefaring brethren over on EVE Valkyrie.

There’s a few more of us who’ll also be coming out to Vegas to talk to you guys about all the content coming up in the Winter Expansion, as well as some more information on balance, and what to expect going forward.

Along with our developer speaker lineup, we also have a whole host of EVE players who’ll be presenting at Vegas this year, including Matterall, Mike Azariah, Max Singularity, Emmaline Fera, Debes Sparre and Elise Randolph. Our player presenters will be covering everything from the capsuleer history of New Eden, to Wormholes, EVE Physics, leadership in EVE, building fleet doctrines and supporting new players.

At EVE Vegas this year, we also have a charity screening of Blade Runner 2049 in support  of AbleGamers, as well as the EVE Vegas Highroller Experience. If you’d like to get your hands on tickets for these events, be sure to snap them up quickly, as they’re selling fast.

The same can be said for EVE Vegas conference tickets – we’ve got less than 40 left, and this year EVE Vegas is set to be the biggest event we’ve ever hosted in the Nevada desert.

Capsuleers who love the social side of EVE Online are not going to want to miss this one.

Be sure to grab your tickets today. You can read more about the event and pick up tickets over on the EVE Vegas website!