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EVE's rapid growth

2006-02-24 - Publié par GM Zworm

Hi there, GM Zworm here reporting from support HQ.

EVE is growing rapidly at the moment and it really amazed me as I went through the billing queue today, to find out how many players are asking for trial cd-keys and how many old customers are returning to EVE. I just wanted to bring this issue up for future reference as I believe that this is very important. What I'm talking about is of course your billing information, the information stored on your account management website.

What I would like to ask you all to do is as follows:

  • Always have a active e-mail address registered to your account. Try to make sure that your account management webpages are always accessible to you. This will enable you to update your account details at any time.
  • Always keep your username and password safe and secure. Never share this information with anyone, ever. This will enable you to access the account management website after a long break if you ever decide to take one.
  • If you are trying to send out buddy trial cd-keys or you have a friend who would like to try EVE, -and the website is having troubles etc, then ask your friend to send us an e-mail with the topic "Trial account cd-key" or something similar. We will then send the trial cd-key to the person as soon as possible.

The billing queue continues to be our top priority and we hope that the problems we have faced recently will soon be over.

GM Zworm
Our e-mail as always: support@eve-online.com