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Exploit Notification - Extremely Valuable Gas Clouds

2023-04-01 - Publié par EVE Online Team


It has come to our attention that through an unintended effect of using Gas Harvesters on ship wrecks, massive quantities of a resource which should be unobtainable through normal gameplay can be generated. Its effects when extracted and used in massive quantities can be felt throughout the entire community. 

We have received reports of these gas clouds appearing in significant quantities in systems where a large number of ships have been destroyed. The resource in question is a form of gas which goes by the name of Fullerite C0-P1UM. Any extraction of this gas or in other words known to capsuleers as “huffing” can lead to the pilots in question becoming easily manipulated and/or extremely gullible. 

While it may seem enticing to inhale, we strongly advise against it. We have seen indicators that pilots who have succumbed to the effects of Fullerite C0-P1UM are showing symptoms of delusional thinking, such as believing that your expensive ship was actually cheap, and easily replaceable.

If you happen to know any pilot with the tendencies to tamper with battle reports, know that they are most likely affected. While it may be tempting to seek comfort in the C0-P1UM clouds after a crushing defeat, we advise against it.

Don't let your losses cloud your judgment - steer clear of Fullerite C0-P1UM!