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Federal Defence Union Responds to Heydieles Carrier Loss

2008-06-28 - Publié par Svarthol

Tama - Approximately three days ago, a Federal Defence Union carrier was destroyed in Heydieles. On the evening of the 28th, the FDU returned the favour by destroying six State Protectorate carriers in a little over thirty minutes in the Tama system.

Two State carriers were sighted smartbombing everything in range at the station in Tama. Some speculate as to whether this was a baiting tactic, as the carriers warped to the Nourvukaiken gate when a Federal fleet moved to engage them. The Federal fleet, mostly made up of Invicta and Einherjar Rising corporation members, followed the carriers and engaged them at the gate.

Once combat was initiated, four more carriers of the State Protectorate were cyno jumped into the combat zone along with a small support fleet following in from Nourvukaiken. The support fleet was easily wiped out and concentration was shifted to the carriers. Members of the FDU fleet called in more pilots from their allies in the Cry Havoc. and Pandemic Legion alliances. This combined force destroyed two carriers and was able to keep the remaining carriers pinned down until reinforcements from a roaming gang led by JLBane arrived. This additional damage helped break the chain of remote repair aid that the carriers were providing each other.

In an example of brilliant tactical thinking, Lucas Avignon led several pod pilots that were being chased by enemy fighters back to the station, where the sentry guns destroyed the fighters. Freed of the threat, the pilots were able to return to the battle and aid in the continuing efforts.

With support ships and fighters destroyed, the carriers succumbed in quick succession as the remote repairing chain was broken link by link.