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Federal Navy Investigation into Caslemon Shipping Incident Concludes

2009-02-10 - Publié par Svarthol

Algogille - The Federation Navy press office has issued a statement containing the findings of their investigation into the recent incident involving an Iteron industrial ship under Federation Navy contract. The statement confirms that the Iteron was in the process of ‘relocating important military equipment' when it was destroyed. Furthermore, the investigation confirmed that the ship did not come under ship-to-ship weapons fire but was disabled from the inside, possibly by demolition charges. The cargo it was carrying was not on board at the time of the ship's destruction.

While not elaborating on their conclusions at this time, investigators stated their belief that the ship was attacked for its cargo, which was stolen before the ship was abandoned. The assailants, described in the Navy statement as "well-prepared and coordinated," are believed to be Caldari, and the Federation Navy has clearly stated its aim to pursue them and retrieve their cargo. "We will send these Caldari a clear and concise message," read the released statement. "The war which they have started will not be ended by them."

In the absence of Federation Navy officials to field questions from the media, the statement has caused much speculation about the doomed Iteron, specifically the question of why Federation Navy escorts -- usually assigned to critical military convoys such as this one -- were absent this time around. Theories range from complacency on the Navy's part, given the system's high security status, to the recent Naval preoccupation with the state of high alert which preceded the incursion of Kador Family forces.