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Federation Navy calls for Militia incursions into Inolari constellation

2009-03-24 - Publié par Svarthol

Algogille - The Federation Navy issued a statement this morning confirming that a general mustering call for the Federal Defence Union has been issued. The campaign, named Justice's Reach, will focus on key systems in the Inolari constellation in Black Rise.

The call was issued in the wake of the Federation Navy's investigation into the Caslemon shipping incident last month, in which military equipment was reported stolen. In a previous press release, the Federation Navy said Caldari involvement was suspected in the reported theft, an incident which the Navy has now confirmed is related to this new campaign. When pressed for details by the attending media, Navy sources declined to reveal their evidence at this time.

"When the time comes that revealing such information will not jeopardize our ongoing investigation as well as the militia's campaign, we will release our evidence to the public," said the Navy's spokesman. He went on to say that the Navy has been assisted in its investigation by the Federal Defence Union, whose positioning on the Caldari border has provided ‘invaluable intelligence.'

When asked to identify their target systems, the spokesman declined. When asked whether the Federation Navy believe the alleged Caldari involvement in the theft to be of an official nature or attributable to criminal elements, the spokesman stated that all possibilities are still being considered.