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Federation Population Divided Over Amarr Slave Releases

2009-01-11 - Publié par Svarthol

Luminaire – With the Gallente Federation adopting no formal stance on Empress Jamyl I's slave release, federal and local politicians are taking the temperature of mixed public opinion since the emancipation edict came into force. A population that remains focused on internal problems and the ongoing conflict with the Caldari State appears divided on the emancipation issue in the absence of a clear lead from the government.

"My constituents view these releases positively," said Ursalin Dovaille, a member of the Luminaire district parliament representing a majority Intaki ward. "It gives us hope that the Amarr understand the value of self-determination and we can have sympathy for their spiritual quest for betterment. After all, we Intaki understand that it takes many generations of birth and rebirth to achieve enlightenment."

Others take a more hard-headed approach, as with Senator Sephas Glissad, representing a district in the bustling Sinq Laison region. "The question for me must be what this mass release actually means for the people of the Federation," said Senator Glissad. "People in this region want to know if there will be an influx of refugees. They want to know if our security could be threatened by new Amarrian settlements in border regions. They want to know if trade will be disrupted. Do they think this release comes without a hidden cost? No, they are not so naïve."

A view from Minmatar citizens was given by academic and community leader Jekas Sighruss, "I have spoken to many in my community and I can tell you, whether they be former slaves, academics, religious scholars or just plain Minmatar, none of them are eager to test this new 'mercy' from Jamyl Sarum."

With the Federation's population seeming divided over the significance of the releases, and the government giving no official reaction, the overall impression is that the emancipation edict has changed little as far as the Federation is concerned. Bearing in mind the recent Kador incursion, and the conflicts in Black Rise and on the Amarr-Minmatar border, the Federation appears determined to be wary of Amarrian intentions.