First Strike March Leaderboards | EVE Online

First Strike March Leaderboards

2024-04-05 - Publié par EVE Vanguard Team

Attention Vanguard, 

The latest warclone deployment was a success, seeing new types of contracts, new warclone suits, and a new mining prototype being put to good use on the ground. Warclone Founders have already proved instrumental in the development of EVE Vanguard, and this event saw some of the first content created based on player feedback, as well as significant strides toward adding way more sand to the sandbox. 


Since the first introduction of First Strike deployments, Vanguard Founders have made their feelings known and helped shape the planetside battlegrounds of New Eden. The most recent event saw significant improvements and additions based on community sentiment, chief being the ability to choose between contracts impacting corruption or suppression. While many mercenaries were happy to contribute to corruption within the system, some did not wish to put boots on the ground except to work towards suppression, and First Strike March introduced this ability, with 48% of contracts during this event applying suppression and 52% adding corruption.  

Another first in this event was an early mining laser prototype, introducing planetside mining. This is the first of many steps to add more sand to the sandbox, deepening gameplay, and engaging players with different playing styles. Throughout First Strike March, 1,453,465 units of ore were extracted and 1,095 mining contracts were completed.  

As in previous First Strike events, several challenges brought significant rewards to valiant Vanguard, which can now be redeemed from the in-game queue. In addition to SKINs awarded for completing specific objectives, those reaching the top of the leaderboards get a wealth of PLEX. As we congratulate the winners, we encourage all of you to join us next month to challenge them. 


When you think of the ultimate sandbox shooter within New Eden, what do you envision? EVE Vanguard relies heavily on your vision, shaping the ongoing development in conjunction with the community in a uniquely collaborative process. We can’t do it without you, as your feedback informs decisions, improvements, and adjustments made between each deployment. These First Strike events are more than fun, action-filled playtests for an in-development shooter – they are your chance to make your voice heard to forge the future of EVE Vanguard, impacting it to create the shooter experience you want to see. That’s why we are thankful for all who have put boots on the ground so far, and hope to see even more of you planetside moving forward. 

The next Vanguard deployment is set for 25-29 April. We will see you on the battlefield.