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First Sub-Capital Titan Kill Confirmed

2008-11-23 - Publié par Svarthol

Following further investigation into the destruction of a RAZOR alliance Erebus on the 21st, sources have come to light revealing that this was not the first sub-capital titan kill.

On 06.11.110, at approximately 01:30 am, the Erebus titan "Hope of Heaven," belonging to F4ze of Triumvirate. was destroyed after being bumped out from its sheltering control tower by Pandemic Legion agents.

Mr Rive, of Black Omega Security corporation, piloting an Eris, trapped the super-capital within a warp interdiction sphere, preventing its escape. The titan discharged its smartbombs, but Pandemic Legion swiftly brought in a fleet of 62 close-range fitted battleships and support ships, including heavy interdictors.

Triumvirate. attempted to save the titan, fielding some 69 ships, including 6 carriers, but Pandemic Legion maintained their focused fire. LoveKebab, of coracao ardente. attempted to rescue the titan with his panther, but was unsuccessful, though he did manage to get to the aid of a Thanatos close to catastophic hull failure.

This is the first sub-capital destruction of a titan that has been revealed so far - if you know an earlier one, please contact the Interstellar Correspondents.

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