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Foiritan hails Gallentean pilots despite Caldari win

2004-06-12 - Publié par Svarthol

President Foiritan was today attending the opening of a new Soar Skate Park in Caille and used the opportunity to salute the hundreds of Gallentean pilots that yesterday participated in gathering body parts for the Federation in a bid to gain favor from the Jovians. Foiritan, although not personally involved with the affair, showed much interest in it from the start and an indication of this was when he listed those pilots most prominent in the collection.

“Though everyone who participated must be congratulated, especially those that donated their parts for the benefit of the Federation, the ones that managed the great feats of collecting enough for a whole batch must receive a special mentioning for keeping the Gallenteans in the run. I understand, from the information I’ve received, that the Gallenteans came in second after the Caldari and were not far behind. The Jovians have promised to give out a limited blueprint for each and every batch turned in and I think those pilots most committed to keeping the Federation strong deserve those blueprints unequivocally.” Foiritan then proceeded to name those pilots that turned in one or more batches.

“My heartfelt congratulations go out to Maarken Brashari, Faramir, Zhbr, Doc Brown, Drakxter, Mervaid, Antonia, Corporal hicks and DocDoo. Each will become a proud owner of a new limited blueprint in a couple of weeks, some will even receive more than one. Faramir, for instance, will receive a whooping five blueprints for his excellent efforts. May those blueprints make those pilots and their companions rich and happy.” Foiritan then continued with the opening ceremony, which was by now almost totally forgotten by everyone, much to the owner’s chagrin.