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Gallente Capsuleers Strike Back at Caldari Strongholds

2009-12-09 - Publié par Svarthol

BREAKING NEWS - After successfully pushing the Caldari out of Covryn, the Gallente just hours ago announced the capture of Murethand as they continue their push against the Caldari held systems.

After Murethand fell, Julius Foederatus, a Luminaire General within the Federal Defence Union [FDU] stated the reason he believed the Caldari have been pushed out of Covryn, and now Murethand: "[It was] an incredible amount of hard work put in over the past few days and persistence of FDU plexers for the past few months."

The attack was conducted under two fleets. One of which was lead by Zagamesh, while the other was led by Julianus Soter. Some assistance was recieved by the Minmatar corporation Invicta as well.

The FDU concentrated their attacks while the Caldari capsuleers are focused elsewhere on Minmatar strong points. Val Erian, an FDU capsuleer stated that "The Caldari did leave forces behind to control the situation, but these were insufficient."

There have now been two quick captures by the FDU against the Caldari strongholds and Julius Foederatus states that it won't stop with Murethand: "We'll continue pressing our Caldari foes until they've paid for all the humiliation and aggression they've shown us."

The FDU are pushing further into Caldari space as Caldari capsuleers continue to concentrate on Minmatar targets. With both sides advancing, more systems are expected to change hands quickly.

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