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Gallenteans speak out over Insorum Crisis

2005-06-11 - Publié par Svarthol

The recent actions and future promises of the Blood Raider Covenant have been the subject of much discussion over these past days. As always, the Gallente people are among the first to have their opinions publicly acknowledged.

Maude Sharis, Cultural Liaison of Caille University, and an avid supporter of the Minmatar Republic had the following to say:

"I am pleased that a significant battle is being fought in the war against slavery, but this bold move by the Blood Raiders has truly forced the Empire into a corner. I fear the worst consequences of this 'Insorum Imbroglio' have yet to take effect."

The scientific community in general seems excited that this new drug appears be as effective as the late Professor Hnolku claimed it to be, though many researchers are crestfallen; the miracle cure they've been searching for all their lives lies just beyond their grasp.

The Senate, and the individual presidential candidates showed uncharacteristic concurrence, each pleading with the Blood Raiders to share a sample of Insorzapine bisulfate, thus allowing it to be used for the common good. Antoine Burleaux, a well known Gallente businessman and senior Senate member has commented in relation to the incident, "Factions like the Blood Raider Covenant operate in the lawless expanse of the non-central regions, and have no understanding of civil concepts like subtlety, equality and rationality. They're barbarians, pure and simple. Omir Sarikusa needs to consider the countless lives his crusade is costing humanity as a whole."

While refusing to make an official comment on the issue, President Foiritan has shown his anxiety by ordering a mass mobilization of Federal Navy forces, in preperation for the inevitable political fallout which will result from this crisis.