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Geminate locals destroy unwanted Outpost

2005-11-07 - Publié par Svarthol

An Outpost platform was destroyed mere hours before its scheduled completion.

The would-be Outpost, built by Lacuna Viators, was destroyed last week week in the QPOK-B system of the Geminate region. The main aggressors were 4S Corp, who were aided by Xanadu and Hirr forces. It is difficult to estimate the financial cost of something as vast as an Outpost, but it is safe to say that Khatred, CEO of Lacuna Viators has lost many billions of isk.

Mr. Khatred, it appears, had been planning an incursion into the Geminate region for some time. With himself and his corp-mates handling the hauling, the Mercenary Coalition was hired to protect Lacuna Viators' assets. Though 4S corp, led by shone, were aware of Lacuna Viator's presence in Geminate for some time, when they learned of the outpost's imminent completion it was almost too late. Khatred had planned his invasion delicately and precisely.

In the end, declared Khatred, it was a mere 9 million tritanium that thwarted a perfect plan. Considering that the sum total of tritanium needed to built an outpost is roughly 350 million units, it seems a cruel twist of fate for the young entrepeneur. Blazde, senior officer of 4S corporation, seems to think that his corporation's firepower, combined with that of Hirr and Xanadu, had a fairly large part to play in the outpost's destruction too. The main fighting occurred around the partially-completed Outpost, as a hastily-formed fleet of mercenaries were pitched against the Geminate locals. The superior numbers and tactics of 4S corporation won out quickly and the Outpost platform was consequently destroyed.

Fortunately for Khatred and his members, Lacuna Viators are a prosperous and profitable corporation, reportedly in possession of at least one copy of every tech II ship blueprint in game, as well as a fairly hefty bank balance. Rumours have it that the corporation still has several POS in the Geminate area and Khatred has stated that he is planning on maintaining the sovereignity claim on QPOK-B.

"LV will have an outpost", says Lacuna Viators' CEO, but it seems that the Geminate inhabitants will not readily surrender their territory. 4S have had a presence in Geminate for almost three months now and the close ties they have established with the neighbours seem to affirm their hold on the region. Blazde states that they no longer consider Lacuna Viators a threat. With many other things to accomplish, 4S Corporation has no time to hold a grudge. Blazde also states that the jump-gates of Geminate are open to any peaceful travellers. Come one, come all! Just don't build Outposts, eh?