GM WEEK: Day Three - More Madness! | EVE Online

GM WEEK: Day Three - More Madness!

2019-08-21 - Publié par GM Stardust

GM Week continues today, with the ever present if a little elusive scavenger hunt. Today the Game Masters will be making their way to highsec systems in Caldari space with cargo holds full of loot for lucky capsuleers who’re able to scan them down. Be sure to watch local if you want to pick up some sick prizes!

Game Masters will also be visible in the help channels across all four supported languages today, and many of our starter systems can expect visits from GMs in some rather large hulls as part of bringing the fun to our newbros!

Moar Contests!

Over the years we’ve had comments from the community about item descriptions. Here’s your chance to get even more creative!

Later today we’ll be launching an item description contest in which you’ll be able to select an item in game and write a new description for it that you think is better than the original. If some of them are amusing and of high enough quality, we might even send them off to game design for inclusion in the game.

Regardless of that, you’ll be able to win some awesome prizes, so make sure that you keep an eye on the news feed if you want to know more!


That’s not the name of a lonely or lost and confused member of the Player Experience Team – there’s going to be a GM roam this evening, where we’ll be shipping up and heading out with members of ISD on a roam that will be fleet commanded by the intrepid and highly skilled BjornBee.

We’ve learned a lot since last time, so hopefully it’ll be a bit less of a train wreck this time around, and the loot in our cargo holds will only be within reach of the most skilled pilots in New Eden.

The first half of the week has been epic, and we’re gearing up for more as we head toward Friday. Stay tuned for more, and we’ll see you in space!

Police SKINs!

We're happy to announce that in celebration of GM Week, Police SKINs for Gallente hulls and Emergency Response SKINs are available in the New Eden Store during the course of this week.

These SKINs will be in the NES through until downtime on August 26th, so grab them while they're hot!