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Governor Aguard Draws Record Numbers to Broadcast Debate

2009-11-24 - Publié par Svarthol

Olide - In an event hosted by the Center for Advanced Studies last week, presidential candidate Celes Aguard attracted the eyes and ears of nearly 19% of the Gallente Federation's estimated daily total audience. In the Everyshore region, the percentage was even higher, with almost 35% of the regional audience having followed the show. The percentages exceed most other programming within the Federation, where it's rare even for the most popular entertainment channels to attract such numbers.

The show, "CAS Profile of Influence," is produced and administrated by students of the Center of Advanced Studies, The program has been known to hold interviews of many high profile people, from corporate directors and CEOs to famous scientists and politicians. The Aguard interview was not the first time a presidential candidate appeared on the show, but Aguard's rising popularity in the region, together with the show's recent syndication over the Egonics network, contributed to the show's success. In addition to having broken the regional viewer record, the show also set a new record for audience for a student program.

In the interview, Aguard spoke about her mixed Gallente/Jin-Mei heritage and career in Mies, as well as her plans to support fringe economies, as well as her controversial criticism of CONCORD. Post-show polls at the CAS show an increase in support for Aguard and her policies, placing her behind Jacus Roden, but ahead of Vilard Garioss in the race for the presidency.