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Guristas Rescue operation thwarted

2005-10-04 - Publié par Svarthol

Last week saw the unusually daring infiltration of a Guristas strike force into core Caldari systems following the capture and subsequent escape of a notorious terrorist from Caldari Navy forces.

The captured Guristas pilot known as Kallia Corpium had surrendered to Navy forces on Thursday after a prolonged fire fight in the Torrinos system. Corpium, who had been flying a Gila class cruiser, was travelling under heavy police escort after officials had ordered transportation of the mysterious cruiser to a Caldari Navy facility in the Nonni system where their scientists could scrutinize its design, which is loosely based on the Navy’s own Moa class.

Upon arriving in the Elonaya system, Corpium fled her escort and embarked on a deadly game of cat and mouse with Navy forces and several capsule pilots whilst awaiting rescue.

After dodging her pursuers for several minutes, Kallia Corpium escaped into the Ibura system where a Guristas strike force led by a pilot identified only as ‘Guristas Martyr’ was waiting in ambush for the Navy forces.

Responding to calls for assistance from the Navy pilots, over two dozen capsule pilots amassed and finally cornered the strike force, annihilating all trace of them.

Speaking in a statement today, a Caldari Navy official commended local capsule pilots for their invaluable assistance during the incident. While expressing some disappointment at the destruction of the heavily modified Guristas cruiser; the official conveyed his satisfaction that the threat to Caldari space and its citizens had been successfully neutralised.

Sources within the Caldari Navy have since added that they do not expect a retaliatory offensive to be mounted by Guristas forces, citing such a scenario as “highly unlikely”.