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Humanitarian organisation thanks capsuleers for assistance

2005-09-07 - Publié par Svarthol

Following an industrial accident on a moon in the Algogille system last fortnight which caused the destruction of a power plant and left several hundred people in the area without access to food or medical supplies, the CEO of a local aid organization bestowed his gratitude upon members of the capsuleer community for their invaluable support.

Karl Newton, CEO of the Eve relief effort corporation was the first to pledge aid to the small community after the power plant explosion, which is thought to have been caused by a malfunction in the coolant system disrupted regular supply deliveries to the isolated colony.

Speaking in a statement today, Mr. Newton expressed his profound thanks to Phorze Falconfury, Shadowmax, Barb Wyre, Flinny, Deadlock Mekanis, Christos Hendez and Demio Essensis along with several other capsule pilots who had been involved in transporting the much needed food supplies to Algogille on behalf of the Eve relief effort.