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Hyasyoda Executives Charged with Industrial Espionage

2009-11-13 - Publié par Svarthol

Suroken - The Internal Security division of the Corporate Police Force arrested and charged six executives from the Hyasyoda Corporation's Khanid Division.  Missing Chief Sales Executive Attakaila Tatimon has been charged in his absence.

In a recent press conference, Pietsio Kallenenmen, public relations secretary for the CPF, revealed that "[The CPF] have detained these executives following a lengthy investigation into the recent underperformance in that region. These offenders have been involved in selling details to our rivals, including the prices of past and current contracts, details of our business contacts, and most importantly, the current tenders we have placed for contracts within the Kingdom."

Although the CPF did not disclose the recipients of this intelligence, CONCORD Security Exchange officials have hinted at Wiyrkomi.  Independent trader Timo Surosen remarked, "It's pretty obvious who these guys were spying for. Just look at how much recent trade has gone Wiyrkomi's way in the Kingdom."

The CPF announced that they would be privately prosecuting the seven employees in order to limit the damage caused and recoup some costs. If found guilty under Hyasyoda Corporate Law, the employees have unlimited liability to pay back any damages, and could also face a custodial sentence. All seven suspects have worked for Hyasyoda for a minimum of twelve years.