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Incarna. Welcome your future.

2011-05-25 - Publié par CCP Zulu

For quite some time we‘ve talked about Incarna and what we want it to be. Internally we've argued how best to use it to open even more opportunities to those who rule EVE's universe. We‘ve held tech demos, shown concept pieces, thrown around feature ideas and spoken about our vision-all with an excitement charged with the vast potential EVE has to offer. At times we‘ve scrapped our efforts and restarted from scratch, recycling designs, tech and assets because they didn't align with the EVE Universe we wanted to bring to you.

No more of that.

EVE Online: Incarna is coming.

On June 21st we will open up the interiors of space stations for players to start exploring EVE Online in a completely new way. Pioneering our first steps into Incarna will be your new Captain's Quarters --a station-bound seat of power that provides a refuge from the dangers of space and a powerful command platform placing precious information at your fingertips.

We made a quick video sneak preview of Captain's Quarters. If you are interested in seeing the work-in-progress, check out our test servers. You can also find more detailed information about the Captains Quarters in these two devblogs.

This is only the first step of many that continues EVE Online's progress towards the ultimate, immersive science fiction world. It unlocks a whole new experience for those already contributing to EVE's social and political fabric and provides a fresh beginning for those curious about becoming part of the deep universe that holds it.

When you dock your ship, your Captain's Quarters will replace the current hangar view with a multifunctional room from which you can perform all the actions you previously could in the hangar view as well as manage your planetary infrastructures, explore new opportunities with a redesigned agent finder, use the corporation recruitment interface to find new allegiances, and watch streaming data, fed live from the vibrant universe of EVE**.**

As I said, this is but the first encounter you will have with Incarna. Through the course of this entire year we will roll out more content, more rooms and more functionality and by the end of this year you could be trading contraband goods in seedy bars. Or running seedy bars. Who are we to judge?

We have been, and always will be, expanding EVE, as that's what the astrophysicists tell us that universes are supposed to do. The hidden space, just outside of the hangar bay, has been vacant too long. Nature abhors a vacuum, and we look forward to showing you a new frontier in EVE: Incarna.

  • CCP Zulu