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Khanid Convoy Rescued By Tash-Murkon Patrol

2008-10-16 - Publié par Svarthol

Aldali – A convoy of Khanid-registered transports en route to the Ardishapur station in the Aldali system has been rescued by elements of the Tash-Murkon Navy after coming under attack by unknown assailants. The naval group, on exercises in the neighboring Iro system, responded to the Khanid distress call only a few minutes after the attack began, saving three of four Khanid vessels. Once the raiders had been driven off, an immediate recovery operation was launched for any survivors.

According to the captains of the Khanid vessels, the ships were of Minmatar origin, though their exact identity is still unknown. As Aldali is in a pocket of low security space between the Domain and Tash-Murkon regions, it is not believed at this point that the attackers were linked to either the Republic Fleet or the Minmatar Tribal Liberation Force, but authorities are not ruling out Minmatar terrorist groups known to operate within the Empire.

According to witnesses, the light defense force maintained in the Aldali system by the Ardishapur Family was caught unawares and did not arrive on the scene until well after the Tash-Murkon force had driven off the raiders. The Ardishapur Family has stated that a full investigation of the incident will be conducted by the House security apparatus, and that the perpetrators of the attack will be dealt with according to Empire law. When the Tash-Murkon Family offered its assistance in the investigation, Ardishapur Family spokesman Bedaliba Izon said that the House "understood that some Holders do not have the resources to conduct such an investigation alone," but that the Ardishapur Family was more than capable of handling it on its own.