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Last Chance Discounts On Selected SKINs!

2018-01-30 - Publié par CCP Falcon

We're happy to announce that we have 30% and 50% discounts in place on a selection of SKINs from the following lines for a week, before they're retired from the New Eden Store:

  • 50% off selected Sapphire Sungrazer SKINs
  • 30% off selected Matigu Seabeast SKINs
  • 30% off selected Blue Tiger SKINs
  • 30% off selected Raata Susent SKINs

The discounts on these SKINs will last for a week, before they're removed from the New Eden Store during downtime on February 6th.

Discounts are as follow:

50% off:

  • Catalyst Sapphire Sungrazer SKIN
  • Thorax Sapphire Sungrazer SKIN
  • Ishtar Sapphire Sungrazer SKIN
  • Kronos Sapphire Sungrazer SKIN
  • Obelisk Sapphire Sungrazer SKIN
  • Megathron Sapphire Sungrazer SKIN
  • Dominix Sapphire Sungrazer SKIN
  • Sin Sapphire Sungrazer SKIN
  • Tristan Sapphire Sungrazer SKIN
  • Moros Sapphire Sungrazer SKIN

30% off:

  • Chimera Matigu Seabeast SKIN
  • Scorpion Matigu Seabeast SKIN
  • Crane Matigu Seabeast SKIN
  • Eagle Matigu Seabeast SKIN
  • Nighthawk Matigu Seabeast SKIN
  • Hawk Matigu Seabeast SKIN
  • Merlin Matigu Seabeast SKIN
  • Tayra Matigu Seabeast SKIN
  • Basilisk Matigu Seabeast SKIN
  • Kitsune Matigu Seabeast SKIN
  • Wreathe Blue Tiger SKIN
  • Rupture Blue Tiger SKIN
  • Typhoon Blue Tiger SKIN
  • Prowler Blue Tiger SKIN
  • Vagabond Blue Tiger SKIN
  • Huginn Blue Tiger SKIN
  • Fenrir Blue Tiger SKIN
  • Rapier Blue Tiger SKIN
  • Scythe Blue Tiger SKIN
  • Panther Blue Tiger SKIN
  • Providence Raata Sunset SKIN
  • Sigil Raata Sunset SKIN
  • Retribution Raata Sunset SKIN
  • Tormentor Raata Sunset SKIN
  • Impel Raata Sunset SKIN
  • Prorator Raata Sunset SKIN
  • Crucifier Raata Sunset SKIN
  • Augoror Raata Sunset SKIN
  • Apocalypse Raata Sunset SKIN
  • Inquisitor Raata Sunset SKIN