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Legion patrol receives support from local capsuleers

2005-09-27 - Publié par Svarthol

During a routine tour of their new home space last weekend, a Mordu's Legion patrol received assistance from a number of resident capsuleer organisations operating within the Pure Blind region.

Upon learning of the patrols intentions the capsuleer contingent, primarily made up of pilots from Cutting Edge Incorporated and Bladerunners offered their services in securing the area.

Reinforced by these numerous capsuleer vessels, the patrol now numbering over twenty ships, and led by Lt. Amlerik Raun made a clean sweep through all Mordu systems without encountering any problems. Oddly enough this is the first time Raun has been seen leading a Mordu's wing since rumours of his demotion began to circulate in the wake of the Legion’s exodus from ORE space, though Legion officials are remaining tight lipped as to whether the rumours are true or not.

Reports soon came flooding in specifying that hostile vessels thought to be of the Ascendant Frontier, were disrupting traffic in the EC-P8R solar system – a known pirate hotspot and vital trade route for the northern fringes of space. The Legion patrol was quickly dispatched to investigate and dispersed the hostile forces without any altercation.

CEI and Bladerunners, members of the newly founded RAZOR Alliance apparently share a mutual interest with Mordu's Legion in keeping the Pure Blind region safe, an opinion which was stated in a press release posted on the Gal-Net communications network on Monday. Speaking in the statement, Killgorde – CEO of Cutting Edge Incorporated explained that both corporations had “long and distinguished histories throughout the Northern and Western regions of the Eve” and went on to say that RAZOR were “active in securing the interests of a free and open Pure Blind region with a strong anti-pirate stance”.

The RAZOR Alliance seems to have earned a new friend with their actions this weekend, with unconfirmed reports that standings between Mordu's Legion and RAZOR alliance have been adjusted to reflect this apparently amiable co-existence.