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Luminaire's Market Affected by Nation Raids

2010-07-01 - Publié par Svarthol

Luminaire - Retailers in Luminaire blame recent Sansha raids for sharply declining sales this week across almost all sectors. As the Sansha attacks have increased a new poll finds that people have cut back their shopping time. Some have also stopped buying altogether. Eighty percent of those polled in a recent Garoun Investment Bank study say they are "somewhat concerned" about Sansha incursions. A majority of those asked said they have stopped buying luxury items and no longer eat out. Of the remaining Twenty percent, a clear majority stated confidence in the Federation Navy as the reason they are not concerned.

"Lack of confidence is always a major factor in sales," said Mattiu Lamont of the Fraise Institute, a research group that monitors market trends in the Federation on behalf of the Garoun Investment Bank. "People are scared, and nothing can hurt an economy more than fear."

Asked if he felt this would be a long-term trend, Allyx Godrieu, an adjunct professor at the University of Caille, said, "If you buy into the fear and panic syndrome, you are accepting that business will decline, and that will affect sales." Pointing to another study by a consumer advocacy group, he said, "Arms sales are up, travel companies and transportation companies are booming. Business adapts and some people will see opportunity when others panic. This is just a small bump in the road."