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Mad Scientists Complete Mind Control Device

2005-12-05 - Publié par Svarthol

Two days ago, the now infamous scientists, Albert Vance and Vic Stats, completed the construction of their mind control device before eluding Caldari authorities who had tracked them down to the Genesis region.

Local pilots caught sight of the renegade scientists in Genesis-region communications channels during the early hours of yesterday evening. The team of Caldari agents pursuing Vance and Stats, under the command of Pete Sance, were already en route to the Genesis region to act upon a search warrant granted by the Caldari courts when news of the sightings reached them. However, Vance and Stats were reportedly able to complete the device and evade Pete Sance, again utilising an Interbus transport, before the rapidly approaching agents could apprehend them. Reports have come in suggesting that the close proximity of their pursuers allowed Vance and Stats no time test the Mind Control device before they were forced to flee.

In related news, Executive Investigator Robin Cardil was arrested in his office late yesterday evening, accused of allegedly supplying the fugitive scientists with vital information that has allowed them to evade capture at every juncture up to this point. Cardil has been charged with treason, and is currently being held in custody in the lead up to his trial. This, and an application to have Vance and Stats banned from travelling on Interbus are keeping Caldari authorities positive about the prospects of an arrest in the immediate future.