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Malkalen Disaster Memorial Service Ends with Organizer's Death

2010-05-07 - Publié par Svarthol

Malkalen, Lonetrek – On 05.05.112 at 20:00, a memorial service was held for those who lost their lives when a Nyx-class supercarrier, the "Wandering Saint" was rammed into the Ishukone Corporation headquarters two years ago. At the end of the memorial, organizer John Revenant was executed by a Star Fraction fleet led by Jade Constantine.

The service, arranged by John Revenant (leader of the Ishuk-Raata Enforcement Directive [I-RED] alliance), was held in Malkalen under a blanket of anticipation. Information on the local communications network claimed a fleet, possibly made up of Star Fraction [-SF-] pilots who were at war with I-RED, was heading towards the system with the potential to disrupt the service.

The first speaker at the service was Cheiftan, a member of the Shinryaku corporation, who reminded everyone present of how representatives of the Caldari and Gallente had come together in this system two years ago to try to cement peaceful relations between their peoples. Admiral Alexander Noir put an end to those hopes when he rammed his Nyx into the station where the delegates were meeting, resulting in the death of over 421,000 people including the Ishukone corporation CEO, Otro Gariushi. Many at the service considered the victims of this disaster to be heroes. “…Every man, woman and child who died there that day should be known and remembered as true hero[es] to all.”

Shortly after the service began, Jade Constantine, leader of –SF- arrived in the system along with an entourage of pilots including The Cosmopolite. Star Fraction representatives had previously expressed views that the memorial service should not be conducted by John Revenant because of I-RED's former connection to CVA, which they claimed dishonoured the memory of Otro Gariushi. They apparently requested a ‘face to face’ meeting with the organizer, John Revenant, who reportedly ignored the request at the time, proceeding with the ceremony.

At the conclusion of the service John Revenant said “We have gathered here to pay the respects of fallen comrades [sic.], Gallente, and Caldari, and I for one will not keep you from doing so… I must attend to our friends outside who would disrupt this peaceful memorial.” He then undocked in a Raven-class battleship and made his way to the site of the disaster to meet with Jade Constantine.

What, if anything, was discussed at the meeting is unclear, but it is documented that John Revenant's vessel was targeted, fired upon, and destroyed by Star Fraction ships. John Revenant stated “I knew I was in danger but I was prepared to make the attempt. I thought they would be a little more honorable and respect a diplomatic encounter.” Star Fraction's declaration of war against I-RED was withdrawn shortly after the event.

Two years have passed, but the conflict between the Federation and the State still rages. It was hoped by many at the service that this memorial, to those who died when Admiral Noir rammed his Nyx into the Ishukone station and to the peace that nearly was, may be enough for another attempt to be made.

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