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Navy Officer Reprimanded For Weighing In On Ishukone CEO Fight

2009-02-17 - Publié par Svarthol

Ienakkamon - Captain Kiripas Isento, Chief of Staff for Rear Admiral Shinnen Kultuvas, was formally reprimanded by a naval board of review this week for an editorial in The Kimotoro Report endorsing Mens Reppola for the leadership of Ishukone. The move comes a week after the Echelon News Service revealed Isento as the writer of the anonymous editorial. Isento apologized for his actions, saying that "in retrospect, it was extremely inadvisable for me, as a member of the naval staff, to write such an endorsement."

Though its personnel are not explicitly prohibited from endorsing corporate officers, the Caldari Navy has traditionally frowned on such actions as an intrusion by the national government on internal corporate politics. Isento's background as a member of a well-known Lai Dai family made the problem worse, according to military affairs analyst Kartaja Partoh of the Mercantile Club. "If Isento had been an Ishukone citizen prior to his enlistment, it probably would have been ignored."

Isento's background has also caused a furor because his endorsement seems to run counter to the wishes of Lai Dai itself, which seems to have put its support behind Minedrill CEO Soisonen Okalala, Partoh added. "If this is an isolated incident, however, I don't see it having too great an impact on his long-term career.