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Notes de patch – Version 20.04

2022-05-06 - Publié par EVE Online Team

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The following page will list patch notes for all updates within this release (Version 20.04). We invite you to join the player discussion about the content of this release on EVE Online forums:

Initial Release Date: 2022-04-05
Last update: 2022-05-04

🤝 - Indicates a change inspired by player's feedback or suggestions.

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Patch Notes For 2022-05-04.1

Features & Changes:


  • The Smugglers in the Capsuleer Day event combat sites will now react to types of ships brought by players a bit more slowly and less aggressively.

Defect Fixes:


Fixed the drop rate of the Capsuleer Day XIX Hoodies in the Capsuleer Day event sites.

Patch Notes For 2022-05-03.1

Features & Changes:


The Capsuleer Day XIX event has begun! This celebration of EVE Online's 19th birthday runs from today until downtime on May 24th.

  • CONCORD has declassified their files on a major cluster-wide smuggling ring, including information on how to find the smuggler hideouts, dead drop locations, and hidden stargates. They are requesting capsuleer assistance in hunting down these criminals and bringing them to justice!
  • Smuggler Hideout combat sites are appearing all over New Eden. These sites can be found using your ship's built-in anomaly scanner. The acceleration gate used to enter these sites will only allow access to ships of Battlecruiser size or lower, so CONCORD advises bringing a Combat Battlecruiser to defeat the hostiles inside. Faction Cruisers, Heavy Assault Cruisers, Strategic Cruisers, and Command Ships are also excellent options when available.
  • Rare and valuable Smuggler Stargate sites can be found all across lowsec space. These more difficult combat sites can also be found using the anomaly scanner and have the same ship restrictions as the hideouts. Bringing a friend to help will make overcoming the numerous hostile smuggler ships in these sites much more managable.
  • Smuggler Dead Drop hacking sites can also be found all over New Eden. These sites can be found using scanner probes and a data analyzer module will be required in order to confiscate the valuable loot inside.
  • Smuggler Stash hacking sites can be found in lowsec space, providing increased rewards along with tougher hacking challenges.
  • Loot available in the Capsuleer Day event sites include Smuggler Lockboxes that can be traded to the Empires for an ISK reward, SKINs, limited time Capsuleer Day combat boosters and cerebral accelerators, the return of the limited time "Glamourex" standings boosters, various smuggled valuables, and the blueprints to manufacture the new "Boobook" special edition shuttle.
  • During the Capsuleer Day event an agency challenge track will be active, with points awarded for defeating smuggler combat anomalies and hacking signatures. Rewards from the agency track include new SKINs and a variety of powerful boosters.

Until May 24th a special set of Capsuleer Day celebration login rewards will be available for logging in each day. Rewards include new SKINs, up to 450k skillpoints, limited time combat boosters, and a set of Society of Conscious Thought starship hulls: the Apotheosis Shuttle, Sunesis Destroyer, Gnosis Battlecruiser, and Praxis Battleship!

Special Capsuleer Day themed Abyssal Proving Grounds events will run from May 6th to 9th and from May 20th to 23rd. The format of the first event is 2v2 Navy Frigates, and the second event is a 4 player Sunesis FFA.

  • All ships within both proving ground evens will receive a special capsuleer day bonus that increases turret and missile damage by 19%, increases ship velocity by 19%, increases sensor strength by 19%, and reduces ship signature radius by 19%.
  • Additionally, the arena environment will contain large numbers of Buff and Debuff Nexus objects that will explode and apply various 19% weapon and mobility buffs or debuffs respectively when approached by capsuleer ships.

Patch Notes For 2022-04-26.1

Defect Fixes:


  • Both tech versions of the Standup Guided Bomb Launcher no longer mention in their description that they can be fit to all Upwell structures, but now refer to fitting on Large and Extra-Large structures only.

Patch Notes For 2022-04-19.1

Features & Changes:


  • The Hunt event has ended for the year. We hope you had a good time!
    • Capsules no longer have a chance to drop some of the fitted implants when destroyed.
    • The empires and pirates will continue to purchase Classified Caldari Databanks from Capsuleers until at least 14 June.

Patch Notes For 2022-04-12.1

Features & Changes:

User Interface:

  • Visual improvements to labels and font in the New Eden Store.

Defect fixes:

User Interface:

Photon UI

  • Contract interface has been tweaked to show content correctly.
  • In-space menu no longer shows unnecessary options.
  • War Report interface will now show content as expected.
  • Station Services window will now show controls correctly.

Patch Notes For 2022-04-07.1

Features & Changes:


The Hunt Event has begun! This Guristas themed event will run until downtime on April 19th.

  • Colorful Mysterious Capsules can be found all across New Eden warping between celestial objects such as planets, moons, asteroid belts, suns, and stargates.

    • The capsules can be found using the directional scanner or using combat scanner probes.
    • Destroying these mysterious capsules will provide you with acceleration gate keys that are required to reach the final areas of the event hacking and combat sites.
    • Keep an eye out for the elusive Mysterious Golden Capsules which contain extra loot including valuable stolen research data and exclusive event trinkets.
  • Guristas Hunt Outpost combat sites are appearing all over New Eden. These sites can be found using the anomaly scanner and may only be entered by T1, Faction, and T2 Frigates and Destroyers.

  • Hunt Data Relay hacking sites can also be found all over New Eden. These sites can be found using scanner probes and a data analyzer module will be required in order to collect the valuable loot inside.

  • Special Huntmaster versions of both the combat and hacking sites can be found exclusively within Caldari lowsec space and the Venal nullsec region. These Huntmaster sites are more difficult and much more lucrative than the standard event sites.

  • Encounters with dangerous Guristas Caiman-class vessels have been reported around newly discovered Guristas Capital Forges in Caldari lowsec space and the Venal region.

  • Loot available in the Hunt event sites include Overseer's Effects, skins, clothing, Guristas faction modules, limited time Hunt combat boosters and cerebral accelerators, rare "C3-" ballistic control systems, 'Valdimar' drone implants, "Hydra" pirate implants, as well as blueprints and meterials to manufacture the legendary "Gecko" superheavy combat drone.

  • During the Hunt event an agency challenge track will be active, with points awarded for defeating Hunt combat anomalies and hacking signatures, as well as for hunting down the mysterious capsules.

  • For the duration of the Hunt event, player capsules will have a chance to drop their implants as loot when destroyed.

  • A new Guristas landmark site can now be found moving from system to system within the Venal region. You will need scan probes to track down this elusive shipyard.

  • Until April 19th a special set of Hunt login rewards will be available for logging in each day. Rewards include new SKINs, up to 120k skillpoints, and new limited time combat boosters.

  • A special Hunt themed Abyssal Proving Grounds event will run from April 15th to 18th. The format of this event is 1v1 Assault Frigates with a special Guristas-themed bonus providing 10% more Kinetic and Thermal missile damage.

Defect Fixes:


  • Fixed an issue that allowed Rorquals to conduit jump to Covert Cynosural Fields. The Rorquals' jump drive just got a little too excited, happens to all of us.


  • Updated traits tab information for the Drone Synthesis Projector

User Interface:

  • Fixed an issue where the availability field of item exchange contracts would not automatically switch to "Private" when a character name was entered.

Photon UI:

  • You're now able to leave your feedback again using the thumbs up/down buttons in the game settings menu 👍

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Patch Notes For 2022-04-06.1

Features & Changes:

User Interface:

  • Followup changes to Market Groups, Ship Tree & Certificates texts to reflect "Industrial" → "Hauler" change

Defect Fixes:


  • Fixed an issue where Standup Guided Bomb Launchers could not be fit to Faction Fortizars.
  • Fixed the agility bonus from the Halcyon G-3 booster.

User Interface:

  • The standing buttons in the Add/Edit Contact window now work correctly.
  • The Enable/Disable Light Background option should now be available again in window context menus.
  • Fixed an issue where the tab overflow menu in the chat window (and other window stacks) would not expand for some localized clients.
  • Fixed an issue where the extraction time on Extraction Control Units could not be adjusted.
  • Fixed an overlapping issue in the 'Update Location Settings' window; we have replaced the pop-out window with two right-click menu checkboxes.
  • The Encounters tab of the Agency will now correctly load when a seasonal event is active.

Photon UI:

  • New Location window no longer has overlapping content.
  • Updated the Photon UI feedback link to point to the Feature Previews - Photon UI section of the EVE forums.
  • The buttons at the bottom of the regional market's buy order creation window no longer overlap the option checkboxes there.
  • Fixed an issue where it was hard to read text that was on a light background against bright backgrounds.
  • Fixed an issue where content was cut off in the Recruitment Search section of the Corporation window.
  • Text no longer overflows the Insurance Quotes window.
  • Fixed an issue in the Member List section of the Corporation window where the Role drop-down menu was overlapping content beneath it.

Patch Notes For 2022-04-05.1

Features & Changes

Defect Fixes

Features & Changes:


  • The Standup Point Defense Battery I has received a damage reduction, and in the future it will require ammunition to cycle:

    • The module itself has had its damage per cycle reduced by 50% (250 damage of each type from 500)
    • In a future patch this month (scheduled April 19th) it will require ammunition to fire, from now until then you will be able to build and acquire the necessary ammunition for the module.
    • The new ammunition is “Standup Flak Rounds I”.
  • The Standup Guided Bomb Launcher modules have received a balancing pass:

    • The guided bomb launcher modules can now only be fit to Large and Extra Large Upwell Structures.
    • Tech I module has had its capacity reduced to 300m3 from 1000m3 (now holds 3 bombs).
    • Tech II module has had its capacity reduced to 400m3 from 1300m3 (now holds 4 bombs).
    • Reload time for both Tech I and II has been increased to 60s (was 10 seconds).
    • Standup Heavy and Light Guided Bombs have had their bomb radius reduced to 20km (was 30km)
  • All standup missile velocities have been increased by 50%

    • Standup XL Cruise Missile, Standup Super-Heavy Torpedo, Standup Cruise Missile, Standup Heavy Missile, Standup Light Missile
  • Standup Anti-Capital Missiles have been balanced:

    • Standup XL Cruise Missile damage has been reduced by 50%
    • Standup Super-Heavy Torpedo damage has been reduced by 30%
  • The Standup Arcing Vorton Projector I is longer capable of being activated against subcapital ships.

  • The Proteus Tech 3 Strategic Cruiser has received a small balance pass with the following changes:

    • Hybrid Encoding Platform Subsystem: 430 PG from 330 PG
    • Augmented Plating Subsystem: 25% reduction in Armor Plate Mass Penalty
    • 🤝Drone Synthesis Projector Subsystem CPU 60 from 40
    • 🤝Drone Synthesis Projector Subsystem Bandwidth to 125 from 100
    • 🤝Drone Synthesis Dronebay Capacity to 300 from 250


  • The Rorqual now has the ability through use of the Industrial Jump Portal Generator module to bridge and also conduit jump.
    • It can Conduit Jump up to 30 passengers.
    • Eligible ships to conduit jump portal/conduit jump are: Mining Exhumers, Barges, Mining Frigates (Venture, Endurance, Prospect), and the Porpoise.


A new module has been introduced:

Industrial Jump Portal Generator I

Slot layoutRequires a high power slot
CPU usage100.0 tf
Powergrid Usage40000.0 MW
Activation Cost100.0 GJ
Maximum Velocity Bonus-100 %
Volume5,000 m3
Activation time / duration20.00 s
Disallows AssistanceTrue
Cannot Auto RepeatTrue
Can be fitted toCapital Industrial Ship


  • The Daily Rewards system has been revamped with a fresh new UI and new rewards including hundreds of new permanent skins and a new line of power Halcyon boosters!
    • SKINs received from daily rewards are now permanent, instead of the old time limited SKINs.
    • The Daily Rewards system will automatically check what SKINs your characters have on the account and will avoid giving you duplicates unless you already have at least one copy of all the available SKINs.
    • The revamped SKIN reward options include 260 new skins including the new Halcyon Dawn and Carmine Horizon patterns, and an additional 148 returning event skins for players that missed previous events.
    • Booster rewards from daily rewards now consist primarily of the new Halcyon booster line. These powerful auto-injected boosters provide small bonuses to a large number of attributes and last 2 hours before skills apply. See this forum post in the Feature Previews & Feedback section for all the details on their specific bonuses.
    • Skillpoint rewards from daily rewards are now provided in small chunks every few days instead of being connected to a separate bar at the bottom of the screen. The average amount of skill points received over time is the same as before for Omegas and is slightly higher than before for Alphas.
    • Filament rewards are still available, although in smaller numbers than before.
    • BPCs have been removed from the Daily Rewards system.
    • Due to the removal of the slowly filling skill point bar at the bottom of the Daily Gift screen, a script will be run that provides all players that have logged in at least once in the last year with additional skillpoints in their redeeming queue based on the progress they had achieved in the bar before the systems changed.

Science & Industry:

New Blueprints available:

Industrial Jump Portal Generator I

  • Available from ORE NPC Stations in Outer Ring
  • Cost: 500,000,000 ISK
Time per run05:15:00

Standup Flak Round I

  • Available from the following NPC Stations:
    • Chemal Tech, Ducia Foundry, Eifyr and Co., Freedom Extension, Impetus, Intaki Bank, Mordu's Legion, Outer Ring Excavations, Propel Dynamics, Ytiri, Zoar and Sons.
Time per run00:25:00
Units produced per run200
Strontium Clathrates200


Behind-the-scenes, an important refactor has been made on how Jump Harmonics works. The overall gameplay experience for using Jump Portals and Conduit Jumps remains the same for all players with no impact expected. This work has been made so that we now have unlocked more potential in the future for different combinations of jumps between ships and cynosural beacons, including the introduction of the Rorqual's Conduit Jump ability.

  • The attribute 'jumpHarmonics' is now deprecated and will be removed in a future update, you may notice several new attributes on ships and modules were introduced.


  • Engine sounds are now organized into 7 categories based on physical ship size - each with unique engine implementation for boosters, afterburner, microwarpdrive and warp. (before there were only 4 sizes)
  • Allowing a player to hear the warp drive sounds of third parties in the case of a third party warping in next to the player, warping out in proximity to the player, or during fleet warps. (Before this, it was only possible to hear third party ship's booster, microwarpdrive, or afterburner - not their warp drive)
  • Improvements to balancing and timing of all engine sounds.
  • Added more variation to all engine sounds.
  • Player hitting "Stop Ship" now has audio.
  • New music has been added in preparation for the upcoming Guristas Hunt Event.

User Interface:

  • Changed the PLEX icons on various locations in the game and in the New Eden Store.
  • Introducing the Feature Preview system, allowing players to opt-in and engage with complex features still undergoing active development, accessible via the Setting Menu.
  • A new opt-in renovation of the UI available via Feature Previews: the Photon UI project aims to create a unified style for EVE Online's user interface.
  • The "Industrial" group of ship classes has been renamed to "Hauler"
    • Skills for "Amarr Industrial", "Caldari Industrial", and so on have been renamed to "Amarr Hauler", "Caldari Hauler", etc.
    • Various small changes have been made to ship and skill descriptions, and other texts to reflect this change.
    • A number of NPC ships have been updated to reflect the change.

Developer Comment:

This change has been made to remove one use for the overloaded term "industrial" in EVE, and reduce confusion over the use and application of modules such as the Industrial Cynosural Beacon I and Industrial Jump Portal Generator I

Defect Fixes:


Fixed an issue with the Bomb Deployment skill not correctly applying to reactivation delay. With the Bomb Deployment skill trained to level 5, a Tech II bomber can launch a bomb every 67 seconds instead of 120. A Tech I bomb launcher will have a reactivation delay of 80 seconds, down from 144.


  • Ship model is now correctly swapped when boarding ships whilst on a full screen menu.
  • Wormhole reflections triggered by nearby suns and explosions have been toned down. Polarized sunglasses no longer required 😎


  • Fixed an issue with ambient loops not playing in some environments.

New Player Experience:

  • Added missing linehint guidance when re-boarding a Corvette.
  • Skipping through tabs will no longer cause guidance issues during the wallet introduction.
  • Added a reminder to add the skill to your training queue if it is removed during the skill introduction.


  • Game client no longer hangs when the NES is closed before it's fully loaded.
  • Made adjustments to Gas Decompression window to help it run more smoothly.

User Interface:

  • Partially loaded items in the NES now appear correctly.
  • Probe Scanner scan strength tooltip now appears correctly while scanning.
  • Corporation adverts can now be edited while there are 3 active adverts.
  • Fleet Composition will now correctly show a character is docked if they joined the fleet while in a citadel. Less getting shouted at by your FC unjustly.
  • The number of jumps to an office now dynamically updates in the Corporation window.
  • A SKIN will no longer appear to be removed from a ship in the Fitting window when swapping ships.
  • Swapping ships will again have the arriving animation play in the Fitting window.
  • Improved readability for the Ice Belt tooltip in the Agency.
  • Tooltips no longer persist when dragging to scroll through a page in the Agency.
  • Sites with enemies of an unknown faction no longer have broken links in the Agency. We know who you are.
  • Calendar Upcoming Events are now correctly limited to only events occuring in the current or next month. Because who plans for more than two months in advance?
  • Shortcut Filter Textbox no longer disappears when you have used the search.
  • Fixed an issue with the Gas Decompression window closing after decompression is completed.
  • Added icons for Compression and Decompression windows in Neocom bar.