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Petitioners Begin Withdrawal Over Committee Member's Demands

2009-07-27 - Publié par Svarthol

Villore – Three senators from the Defense Committee have put a motion before the Military Oversight department this morning calling for the replacement of Committee chairman Vance Opheron.

Following recent rumors of discord within the Committee, currently conducting a review of the Federal Defense Union's administration, the senators demand that Senator Vance Opheron be replaced due to 'incompetence' and claim he has displayed a 'lackadaisical attitude to the defensive state of the Gallente Federation.'

The disgruntled senators maintain that under Senator Opheron the militia review has been conducted in a shallow and trivial manner, that the Senator has 'brushed aside' various findings, and that many avenues of inquiry had yet to be explored even as Senator Opheron was ready to wrap up the review. They claim that concluding the review in its current form would leave the job incomplete.

Senator Chermoul, who organized the petition, was unavailable for comment. However, several petition signers have already submitted their withdrawal from the petition, citing a loss of faith in the committee and disappointment in the lack of focus. Passing the media outside the committee meeting room, one senator stated, "With all this infighting, they have lost focus on the objective. This review is important to our defense and they are all squandering their time, and ours."

No word as of yet from the Federal Navy liaison office, also investigating the FDU's administration. It is expected that the release of their own review will be hindered should the Senate's be delayed in completion.