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Pod Pilots Halt Beginner Pirates

2006-02-06 - Publié par Svarthol

Late Tuesday evening a pair of Gallente brothers and pirates were cornered and destroyed by pod pilots, and forced to flee from the Ammold system after earlier engaging a pilot in the Pator system.

The brothers, Emile and Bertrand Beauvais, who had made a failed attempt at piracy in the Renyn and Grinacanne systems the previous Sunday, entered the Pator system on Tuesday evening with the intention of pirating as many commercial ships as was possible and escaping with whatever valuable cargo would fit in their holds. The brothers first target was kosmonaught, a pod pilot traversing the system, who was hunted down and then briefly cornered by the pair before escaping to the Ammold system with the brothers in close pursuit.

Things took a turn for the worse for the Beauvais' shortly after entering the Ammold system however, as their prey suddenly turned on them. Aided by pod pilots Kata Amentis, HiRider, Tychus, kashkaisha, owntbyagarbagecan, Rakhan kane and DJCrimson, who were rallied to the cause via the local open communication channel, kosmonaught succeeded in splitting the brothers up. Emile was forced into the gravity well of Ammold I, where the pilots made quick work his Arazu-class Force Recon cruiser, and a short time later Bertrand was caught and destroyed outside of the Republic Military School station. The escape pods from both ships were able to dock at the station though, after the victorious pilots were distracted by offers of ransom money made by the brothers in order to prevent their pods from being destroyed. This small turn of fortune allowed the pair to escape with their lives, if not their wallets, aboard the next scheduled InterBus transport.

Whilst travelling home on board the transport and lamenting the days events, Emile commented “All I really wanted to do was get enough money to buy a freighter, but I support my brother in whatever he does." Bertrand responded "I give up on all these crazy schemes, first it was the neo-chicken investment pyramid, now this, I fail at everything that's not piloting a transport ship. My brother and I are going back home to our father's moving company, and away from all this piracy nonsense."