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Pro-Republic Protests Suppressed, Dozens Feared Dead

2009-07-11 - Publié par Svarthol

Konora, Metropolis – Dozens are feared dead in Konora, after pro-Republic protests on several industrial colonies were forcefully suppressed by the Angel forces laying claim to the system. Sanmatar Shakor's office has released a statement condemning the "acts of terror perpetrated by a small group of pirate malcontents" and pledging to restore peace and order to Konora "before the week is out."

An Angel spokesman known only as Commander Origen claimed that "more food rioters attempted to breach the stores on a number of colonies under our control, and regrettably it became necessary to use force to quell the rioting." Contrary to this account, a reporter trapped in Konora was able to access a fluid router relay station and provide audio-visual evidence that the 'rioters' were pro-Republic protestors fired on without warning by Angel troops.

With a Republic Fleet task force believed to be assembling somewhere in the Hulf constellation, the Angel Cartel issued a statement in which it "formally disavows the renegades in the Konora system and condemns their betrayal of Cartel law as laid down by the Dominations." Minmatar underworld sources have claimed that the renegades are the same breakaway Angels of largely Minmatar descent that have been sporadically raiding routes between the Republic and the Great Wildlands. Reports of a battle between Cartel forces and renegade ships in the N-RAEL system remain unconfirmed at this time.

Kaalakiota are believed to have been denied permission to route Home Guard forces across Minmatar territory due to the current state of conflict between the Minmatar Republic and Caldari State. However, sources within Kaalakiota are reporting that the Republic Fleet has agreed to carry Home Guard observers and additional security personnel aboard a rear-echelon cruiser of the task force. All Konora stations, including the Kaalakiota food processing facility, remain secure.