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Sansha Forces Attacking Altrinur

2011-07-12 - Publié par Svarthol

BREAKING NEWS – Sansha Nation vessels under the command of Slave Ation09 are currently attempting to invade the system of Altrinur.

At approximately 19:15 New Eden time, Slave Ation09, piloting a Revenant Nation super carrier, invaded the solar system with a fleet of supporting Sansha Nation battleships and cruisers.

At 20:00 in New Eden, a fleet of over 40 capsuleers warped to the hostile vessels and engaged the Sansha forces.

More than 100 capsuleers and rising from across New Eden are forming up in fleets in an attempt to destroy the hostile Sansha forces. Slave Ation09 mocked the capsuleers as they arrived in the system: “It's going to take more than a fleet of half a dozen pods to challenge me.”

Capsuleer Ammzi, who is currently fighting the Sansha forces in Altrinur seems upbeat about their chances of victory: “We have gained experience from previous attempts, we will do our best…”

At the time of publishing the battle is still ongoing.

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